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We know it takes a lot of your time & energy to plan such a special day and that’s why videography is so passionate to us. It captures moments in real emotions and for such a day to celebrate we know you want to reminisce on it forever.
Mya & John here! We are a Couple team that are creatives at heart and have loved the journey of creating 409 Films and working with people just like you. At a soul level we know that you sharing your story is a part of your soul’s evolution and sharing it with us to create something special is what we strive to do our best at in wedding videography. 
John is Brazilian, born in Chicago but raised in Brazil.
Mya was born in Alaska but raised in Wisconsin. We both decided to move to California in 2015 and that is where our story started. In our adult lives we’ve seen too many things to believe in coincidences because we truly know every thing happens for a reason & at perfect timing. We know paths cross and ideas flow and creating 409 Films was one of them, for us, for you!
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